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Red light cameras are a great way to catch speeders and those who run traffic lights, but these systems are not perfect. There are a variety of ways that you can defeat these systems. This article will show you four ways that you can beat red light cameras. If you fail to beat the red light, earn the money to pay for the ticket. Play simple and interactive betting games at UFABET168.


One of the easiest ways to beat red light cameras is to use a radar or laser detector. Whenever the equipment detects a signal that measures speed, it can alert you so that you can slow down. Radar detectors work much better than laser detectors. Laser detectors can only alert you once the laser has already been pointed at your car. By that time, it’s already too late to slow down as your speed has already been recorded.


Although radar jammers are being sold, they are illegal and do not work as claimed. However, red light cameras that rely on lasers can be exploited using a laser jammer. These devices generate laser jamming signals so that your speed can’t be detected accurately. Unlike radar jammers, laser jammers are legal to own and use and work much better than radar jammers.

Plate Cover

Covering up your license plate to make it unreadable is against the law. There are two types of plate covers that allow your plate to be read by humans but not by red light cameras. Crystallized plate covers are designed to reflect too much light back to the camera causing it to take an overexposed pictures. Lenticular plate covers are designed to distort your license plate from an angle. This makes most of the letters and number of the license plate unreadable by red light cameras.


FoxyTag.com is a website that offers free software that you download onto your cell phone to alert you of nearby red light cameras. The system relies on users submitting the locations of traffic cameras they come across while driving. These locations are entered into a database. The locations of red light cameras are tracked using GPS and you are alerted on your cell phone when you are within 15 seconds of a camera.

These are the best methods to beat red light cameras. Some of the devices mentioned in this article are illegal in some states. Before using any of them, you should make sure that they are not against the law. Also, just because you know how to beat red light cameras does not mean you should drive like a maniac. You should always drive safely and obey all laws.

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