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My Love for Nikon started with D90, one of the earlier superb from Nikon. The love for D90 is simply because of the ease and speed with which it performs. When the new replacement for D90 was announced it was like, why? But with the release of D7000 the question has changed to Why not!!

D7000 was released on late September and it was an immediate hit as soon as it hit the markets. Apart from rating this a replacement for D90, it is purely an upgrade to the caliber of D90. The WOW part about D7000 is 16.2MP resolution and a full HD 1080@24fps movie recording with continuous focus option. The D3100 did show a glimpse of what full time focus on movie mode can do to your DSLR and D7000 completes this. Although I am not a great fan of shooting movies using a DSLR, but this works great! Priced at around $1200, D7000 comes in competition with Canon EOS 60D or the Pentax k-5. Earn money and get yourself a DSLR. Play simple and interactive betting games at 겜블시티 보증.

The general feature outline will be :

DX-CMOS Sensor or APS-C 23.6×15.8mm

16.2MPUpto 25,600ISO

3inch LCD Screen

Upto 169 Lense options

100% View finder coverage

Movie mode with continuous focus (auto)HD video recording with 1080@24fps

these features are great and really help you to choose this camera over any other in the market. D7000 offers a 6frames per second shoot and the 100% view on viewfinder marks D7000 out from competition.

In addition, it comes with a magnesium alloy Top and bottom covers which is a plus. Although sad that it misses weather shield. D7000 offers a 39 point focus system and also uses a 2016RGB sensor which is much superior to what competitors offer or what D90 had ( 11point focus, 420p sensor). With the 39 focus points you also have the option to choose from the 21 or the 9 active points. Although the reviews does show that at a time only 9 focus points get active for shoots. D7000 comes with a dual slot for memory and also an option to plug in external microphone, so now that is a plus for video recordings.

Sad part about the package is the kit lens that comes along with camera which is 18-105mm DX VR lens which is all plastic and should be replaced with better quality glass. With the kit lens on, the 16MP resolution rarely shows effect and you can easily get the feel for a replacement after first few shots.

I will recommend a 70-200mm 2.8 VRII Nikon lens or Sigma 70-200 2.8 lens to start with.Another negation as you may find is the low priced options from Canon on the same end, although I will easily recommend a canon if you wish to shoot movies using your DSLR but for traditional photography and a hint to what looks on the pro side of photography, D7000 is a must have camera.

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