Food steamer review
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What did we like about the product?

We liked the product because the accessories provided with the steamer are enough to bring a smile to the face of anyone who loves cooking.

  • Food Steamer 9.5 Quart Aicok Vegetable Steamer

Steaming food can be a tiring job sometimes, especially when you are getting late with the preparations for a house party. The steamer requires proper attention and takes a lot of time to cook evenly. But now we have a solution for the problem for this product contains a three-tier system that cooks food evenly and saves a great deal of your time. The steamer has a large space to keep foods like vegetables, fish, rice, eggs, etc. that allows you to cook as many foods as you want with minimum trouble. Apart from this, the quality of the material is superior, for the plastic used in the body of the steamer is BPA-free, which means that the product offers you quantity and quality.
Another major problem that each one of us has to face is the time taken in steaming and that we have to keep waiting near the appliance till the process continues. However, with this product, one can be relieved of all those troubles, for the steamer has a timer which means one can time the steaming process and as soon as the timer reaches 0, the steamer will automatically switch off and stop the process. This saves you from the trouble of waiting for the entire process to be over, and you can get busy with other work while the steamer does its job.
The steamer also offers ease of use and convenience as the baskets are easy to wash and store and are dishwasher safe.

What did we like about this product?

Everyone wants to increase efficiency while saving time. When it comes to cooking, it is important that being a host, and you must not starve your guests to prepare food for them. This steamer ensures that food is steamed at the right time with minimum effort. Also, the very fact that you can time your cooking attracted us the most about this product. To have extra shopping money, you might want to consider playing some fun sports betting games via

  • COSORI 6 Qt Premium 8-in-1 Programmable Multi-Cooker

Another interesting model that caught our attention was the Cosori multi-cooker, which boasts custom smart control programs that allow you to cook with the latest steam technology. The steamer is multipurpose equipment as it allows the user to use it as a steamer, sauté pan, rice cooker, and yogurt maker, thus offering you total value for your money.
The quality of the steamer itself makes sure that the cooked food is healthy and fit for the body. The body is composed of stainless steel, and special care has been taken to ensure that the safety standards are also taken care of as all the safety mechanisms are FDA accredited. Also, it emits no steam during the process, thus ensuring that your house does not turn into a steamer itself!
The material not only offers convenience in cooking but cleaning as well. The equipment is dishwasher safe, too, making the baskets easy to clean, so you do not have to take extra effort to clean them manually. The company also provides other essentials like a recipe book to help you experiment with your cooking, a glass lid for cooking slowly, and measuring cups.